What Does my Blog Title mean?

What does my title mean?

Brilliant: adj. meaning:

* 1 : very bright : glittering

* 2 a : striking, distinctive 
b : distinguished by unusual mental keenness or alertness

* 3 British : very good : excellent

The word brilliant might actually be my favorite word. I’d use it everyday day if I could but I don’t always come across something worthy enough.

It actually didn’t take me very long to come up with a title. “The Brilliance of” was the beginning of a title of an old piece of mine and from there I only had to think about what was important to me. What have I done so far in my life that I’m really proud of? Well that’s easy…everything. I look back at the person I used to be and while I am still very connected to her in many ways I also know I’m not the same anymore. I’ve grown up. I’m still growing up. I learn something new about myself everyday and I love it.

When I think of the word “brilliant” I think of something loud and sparkling. Something that has meaning to it and will forever be monumental. That’s what my growth has been; monumental. I think of all that I have been through and how amazingly monumental these trials have been to making me the person I am today. If one thing had not happened or something else did I wouldn’t be me. No, it is not ideal. My life is not perfect. I have made terrible choices. I still am. I’ll make an awful one tomorrow, I guarantee it. But I need these terrible choices. To continue to learn and grow.

I want to meet more people who make terrible choices so we can grow together and find we are not the same people we started as.

My blog title is a semblance of my life and I hope to find other blogs that are a semblance of other brilliant lives. Maybe they can tell me what their blog titles mean to them!

I hope you always continue to grow and be brilliant.

-Cidney H.

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