About Me

My name is Cidney and I am a 28-year-old Carolinian. I have a 9-year-old puppy named Wish who you will definitely see scattered throughout my blog. She is my only child and for now, she’s all I need!

I am a single, struggling student working a full-time job and basically just getting my life together! Haha!


Is my life ideal? HECK NO! But it so on the way there. I have worked incredibly hard to get where I am and I have no intention of going back!

My blog is here to discuss everything from school, work, dating, and simply juggling life while still “under construction”.

I’m here for all the ones who maybe got a little stuck back at the starting line but are quickly catching on, JUST LIKE ME!

I look forward to sharing my life with you!

Here’s the first of many Wishy-Poo pictures!

The Infamous Begging Face

A Few of my Favorite Things

  • Sushi
  • Stella Rosa
  • Sleeping in
  • British television
  • Steve Martin and Meryl Streep movies, doesn’t have to be together
  • Any discussion that involves sociology and the evolution of society
  • Mini road trips
  • Winston-Salem, NC
  • Big purses that I could live out of
  • Tea
  • When my dog curls up at the top of my bed and lets me use her as a pillow
  • Cooking, especially seafood
  • Netflix, specifically binge watching a new show
  • Rice crispie treats
  • New makeup
  • Cancelled plans
  • DIY projects
  • My moms turkey chili
  • Yoga
  • Kettle bells

Smaller Go-to Facts:

• I’m working to finish my Sociology degree and hopefully work for a non-profit.
Something in international relief.
• I write. Children’s stories, short stories, and sometimes whatever feels right at
the moment.
• I wish I could say I was a wino but I pretty much only drink Stella Rosa
• I love DIY projects
• I have a Golden Retriever-Lab mix named Wish that has a permanent sad
“Eeyore” look on her face. This is a ploy to get people to pet her.
• I despise onions and peppers, but I don’t mind onion rings.
• I don’t know how to ride a bike and I’ve made a conscious decision to never learn.