Sisterly Love: A Ghost Story

Another writing prompt that I have to say, I had fun writing this one! It’s a bit on the dark side, so ye be warned. Enjoy!

Writing Prompt #3

There’s a ghost in your home, but they aren’t just any random ghost. You knew them when they were alive.

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Make-up Free Dating? I’m Intruiged.

Dating is stupid. Seriously, a first date is a literal interview to score a second interview, then so on and so on until one of you says “Ok, wanna just keep hanging around each other til one of us dies? Yea? Cool, let’s spend thousands of dollars to announce this decision.”

Forgive me, I can be a little pessimistic.

But on a good note, I found an app this weekend that made my interview process go by a little faster.

Walk with me.

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