Sisterly Love: A Ghost Story

Another writing prompt that I have to say, I had fun writing this one! It’s a bit on the dark side, so ye be warned. Enjoy!

Writing Prompt #3

Thereโ€™s a ghost in your home, but they arenโ€™t just any random ghost. You knew them when they were alive.

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Make-up Free Dating? I’m Intruiged.

Dating is stupid. Seriously, a first date is a literal interview to score a second interview, then so on and so on until one of you says “Ok, wanna just keep hanging around each other til one of us dies? Yea? Cool, letโ€™s spend thousands of dollars to announce this decision.”

Forgive me, I can be a little pessimistic.

But on a good note, I found an app this weekend that made my interview process go by a little faster.

Walk with me.

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Dear Middle School Me

Anyone who says they don’t have regrets is a stone cold liar. Everyone has them. I look back at one of the most frustrating times of my life and where the most concentrated amounts of my regrets lie; middle school. I regret not studying more, choosing the wrong friends, liking the wrong guys and so on. Twelve-year-old Cidney will never read these letters but to know that I have grown away from past choices will always be enough for me.

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