Weekend Finds and DIY

DIY Flower Vase


Wood panel of your choice

Faux flowers

Any color string


1 inch nails

pencil for tracing



Weekend Mirror Find

One of my favorite consignment shops, The Perfect Piece, had an open house/sale this weekend! Lots of awesome prices and I got a pretty good deal on an old mirror.


I already have a mirror over my desk but it’s just a plain square mirror and I wanted something with a little more character and that went along with the colors in my room. Mainly: GOLD. 

The new mirror has some stains that aren’t coming off so I did some

brainstorming and came up with this idea!

First things first, I got together all of the necessary materials.

Both mirrors

Gold spray paint

E6000 glue

Painters tape

Also got a bunch of plastic bags to use as covers for the mirror.

First I taped down the plastic bags around the edge of the glass.

Thoroughly unimpressed.

Ended up using 7 bags all together.

It’s a pretty windy day so I taped the middle down to keep bags from flying.

Laid down some paper bags.

This is the gold I used and while the frame came out pretty well the actual process of spraying was awful. I had to use both hands to push down and then halfway through the paint started pouring out, HUGE MESS.

So probably won’t buy this brand again.

So about 5 hours later…

All dry!

So even after a vinegar wipe down these stains aren’t going away. Which takes me to by backup plan.

Plain square mirror I got from Target for $20. E6000 glue applied liberally on the back.

Make sure it’s straight!

I’m adding a little extra design so those empty spaces don’t look so…well…empty.

If I can be 100% honest about it, I’m on the fence. I love it but then something about it irks me. I’ll see how how I feel about it tomorrow. 😕

#DIYweekend #mirror #gold #spraypaint #valspar #DIYfail


DIY IKEA Copycat Desk


Probably my first really successful DIY project. I was in the market for a desk and found a good one st IKEA. Only problem was I’d either have to make the two-hour trip to Charlotte to go get it or I could pay $129 in shipping costs on top of the $207 for the actual desk! After expressing my frustration a coworker sent me a YouTube video that gave a DIY version of the pretty much the same desk. I was a little terrified it was one of those things that was easy in my head but turned into a flop. Turns out, it was SUPER easy to do and I loved the finished product!


2 Recollections 5 Drawer letterpress cubes, typically should run you about $90 each but I was lucky enough to catch them on sale for 50% off. PLUS I got an additional 10% with a teacher’s discount. So I ended up paying about $80 for both!

1 closet shelf from Lowes Home Improvement, this was about $12

1 sheet of plexiglass cut down to that same size as the shelf, they can cut it for you right there in-store, no charge! The YouTuber said she got the plexiglass for $10 but the cheapest I could find was about $26, so that threw be over the $100 mark she claimed the whole project would cost.

Lastly E6000 glue. This can be purchased at pretty much any craft or major retailer. I’ve seen range from about $4-$7.


Putting it together is pretty straight forward. Assemble the drawers following the given directions.

Once those are done place each drawer separately and position the closet shelf on top of the them accordingly. Make sure to align each piece up so that nothing is overlapping or protruding. Once everything is straight, glue it down!

Glue down your plexiglass on top of the shelf. This is really the only part that I didn’t like how it looked. You can see the glue through the glass so I tried my best to keep it on the edges and not just scatter it everywhere.

The glue should take about 24 hours to set, but you are done!

All in all the whole project took me about 4 hours to put together. The drawers were the most annoying part, but definitely worth it!

Finished product!Copycat- $130


IKEA desk Linnmon/Alex

$207+$129 shipping= $336

#ikea #copycat #DIYweekend #desk


Hippie Mirror-$12 at Petersons Consignment in Cary!

I found this mirror at Peterson Consigning Design a couple of weekends ago and I’m so in love with it. Pieces like this bring out the hippie in me! It’s colorful, bright, and it has an aluminum bird on it! I mean how hipster can you get?! I’m still trying to find a good place for it. Right now it’s hanging outside of my door but I’m not 100% sure about it. Any suggestions?

#consignment #awesomefind #greatdeal

#cutemirror #hippieforever




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